Monday, August 13, 2012

Stefan/István Báthory, Valga 2012

It was around 2011, when I became an East European. First step towards this realization was my participation in the 3-day performance-experiment "Klima", leaded by Mike Hentz. The other steps I made  in Vienna, where I moved right after. I did a lot of re-thinking over my past and present, over the issues of geopolitics and subjectivity. Since that I've been living in Eastern Europe, the huge border area, without any particular shape or identity. Since that I speak English with strong accent, although I started to learn this language in 1989. And I travel, I constantly travel. But not from country to country, I travel in this huge "homeland" that is set up by negative symptoms mostly. Estonian/Latvian town Valga/Valka is the embodiment of the East. A shrinking, basically abandoned town with 2nd biggest unemployment in Estonia. A place of wondrous things, dreams and realms. 


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